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About The Story Within

Everyone has a story. It’s just a matter of knowing where to find it. The Story Within: New Insights and Inspiration for Writers is a modern-day treasure map for fiction and creative nonfiction writers in search of their subject.

The Story Within is crafted to resemble a memoir, making it an engaging but informative read and setting it apart from many other writing how-to guides. Oliver uses compelling personal anecdotes, drawn from her experiences as a teacher, student, mother and wife, along with brief literary examples to illustrate her points, which include:

Why we write—to understand our own histories, to clarify what has never made sense, to fill our innate sense of longing, to connect with ourselves and others, and of course, to entertain

Why we don’t—fear!  Procrastination is just perfectionism’s delaying tactic and because we fear our “personal critic” (the voice in our heads that says we are too lazy, too undisciplined, or too late to be writers)

How to ignite your inner writer—Oliver teaches readers the science behind inspiration, how to connect with the creative right brain at will. She gives readers tips for getting started and takes them step-by-step through the process of finding a subject, voice and creative points of entry.

Skills of the craft—embedded in a story, readers get substantive guidance on all aspects of writing well: setting, voice, plot, humor, dramatization, dialogue, making what happened what mattered

Skills of the spirit—how to use your intuition, choose your genre,  handle time, jealousy, rejection, writer’s block, publication,  how to use the past, how to write with children, all while maintaining the magic of the writing life

Packed with writing prompts that inspire both experienced writers and newcomers, The Story Within gives readers an inside look at tips that have made Oliver’s writing workshops so extraordinarily popular. The book addresses the writer, the work, and taking it into the world. Ultimately the book demonstrates that the rules which make writing authentic make our lives authentic as well.

Order the book from Amazon.

  1. Just ordered this book and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I’m hoping this will ignite a fire under my writing arse and get me moving into the page, into the memoir I have been avoiding for years.

  2. thestorywithin permalink

    Renee–the story only you can tell is the story you need to write. I hope the book helps you do exactly that and in a way that is truly gratifying.

  3. wisdompartner permalink

    Just ordered the book. I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m from Annapolis also. I believe you may know the women downstairs from my office – Lee Nanette Salon? They told me about your book. Best wishes-

    • thestorywithin permalink

      I do indeed know the wonderful women downstairs from your office, Grace and Jill. I’m so glad you ordered the book and I’d love to hear from you when you’ve had a chance to explore it and your own story. Thanks for letting me know.

      • wisdompartner permalink

        If you are ever at their place, feel free to ring the bell to the upstairs. I’d love to meet you. And I’ll drop you a line once I read the book. Thanks!

  4. This is really inspiring and reminds me that if I try hard I can accomplish anything.This is a good blog site

  5. Looks like a great read. I’m going to wait and buy it at an actual bookstore 🙂
    I hope to catch you at the Writer’s Center for a workshop sometime. I heard from Jonathan Freeman-Coppadge that you lead one on loss and the “who am I now” syndrome. I could use that right about now! Best wishes.

    • Thanks so much for writing Melanie. I hope to meet you at a workshop soon–at The Writer’s Center, St. John’s College, or perhaps at the Life Center. All the best.

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