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Writing, Memory, and the Speed of Light

January 8, 2014

Is 186,000 miles a second really the cosmic speed limit? Or are imagination and memory faster than the speed of light? At the beginning of this tender year-to-be we need to consider two things:  the expansion of the universe and your writing.

While it makes intuitive sense that the universe has been expanding ever since the Big Bang,  why are we gathering speed?  Billions of years from now, light from all those galaxies and stars you see faceting the night sky will be unable to reach us. Even the whisper of the Big Bang, that static-y hiss you hear between radio stations, will have dissipated to nothing in the utter emptiness.

Earth astronomers will hear only silence, see only the Milky Way, and will have no reason to even suspect there was ever anything else. What a strange miracle this window of time is. We have evolved enough to wonder where we came from, we know enough to predict how it will all end,  and the fleeting evidence of those mysteries has not yet disappeared.

What do you know that will be lost forever if you don’t write it down?  What evidence of your story will vanish with you? What experience or memory is flying away at the speed of light? This is your year to stop the wild momentum, to capture and collapse time.

Write your story and watch the universe fall together again.


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