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Writing from a Past Life Memory

October 11, 2013

I was at a dinner party recently where the conversation drifted to past lives.  For ¾ of the world’s cultures, reincarnation is a given, no one doubts it for a minute, but in a lot of cultures comprising the US, we don’t get do–overs. Oh, if only.

So I had a past life regression once facilitated by a reputable, highly- educated and trained hypnotist/ therapist/ past life regressionist. It was fascinating. I can’t tell you that I spoke in another language, or recognized anyone from my present incarnation, but I recognized a feeling that has haunted me all my life:


In the past life that came to me as I lay on the leather couch that day, I was standing outside the walls of an early 18th century fort with a stockade fence enclosing it. I had been standing alone since dawn, looking out at the dark woods waiting for the return of the love of my life. I waited all day and as night fell, I finally had to re-enter the fort where I continued to wait for days, weeks, months, and years. I had a slightly vague memory of  raising two little girls on my own in that fort and finally, as I died, I realized that I had wasted that life in its entirety waiting for someone who never came back.

The grief was like a physical blow—like standing in front of a freight train which had been on silent approach for centuries and then just blasted right through me. I understood suddenly that the person I had been waiting for had wanted to return but had been unable to—because of circumstances beyond his control. 

The feeling was so familiar it made me wonder whether I’d been born into this life still waiting.

Write about waiting: open your story in a waiting room, or make it someone waiting for news– an email, a letter. Maybe it is someone waiting for a child to be born, a bus to arrive, a diagnosis to be clarified, an interview, a kiss.

Or the return of someone who left without explanation: father, mother, lover, sibling, friend, mentor. Enter the story through the waiting and see what arrives.



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