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Confession: I am reading your horoscope

June 28, 2013

I have a confession. I read my horoscope (Pisces) every day in The Washington Post because (must I really spell this out?) the ones in the Post are completely accurate!

I also read the horoscopes of former flames to see if they’re suffering:

Capricorn:  “You will want to move on today but persistent thoughts of a certain someone will make this impossible.”  Yes!

Also in the confession category: my best friend mispronounces my name. She’s been doing it for 15 years and I’ve never corrected her. Now I can’t.  She calls me “Lora.” I don’t even know who that is. But it’s worse for my friend Brian Doyle who has been referred to as Drain Boyle, Brain Doyle and Brian Dooley.

Besides answering to the wrong name, I listen to books on tape and say I’ve read them. In addition, I once hired a 10-year old closely related to me to get rid of a cricket hiding in the kitchen pantry.  Things with exoskeletons (don’t think about this) need to stay outside as do things that leap, hop or scuttle.

Start a piece with a confession: yours or a character’s. Or start with a horoscope:  Virgo: “Be wary of an unexpected liaison with the past.”

For more writing tips and guidance check out “The Story Within, New Insights and Inspiration for Writers.” (Alpha Penguin Books.)



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