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I Just Can’t Quit You

January 3, 2013

You probably already know that you can “unlike” a product you have previously “liked’ on Facebook. And yes, this can be as much an anonymous way to express unrelated anger as any kind of legitimate response to the product.

But did you know you can also stop being a follower of someone on Twitter? Yes, there’s a site called “Qwitter.”  Quacks me up.  

Write a page or so about someone who has been “qwit” and is unreasonably affected by it. What does this trigger? How is this realization like pressing on a bruise?  What previous rejection does he still carry inside? Can you show the link between the real pain and the ridiculous?  Has he been dropped from his gym membership but the first rejection was from the Boy Scouts? Lost his favorite seat at the coffee shop but the original rejection was from his older brother’s social circle? Is no longer needed as a volunteer dog walker at the SPCA but the real rejection is happening at work? What does he do?  Go back in time and come forward again.Or maybe your character decides to start his own website called “Quit-her.” Who is she? What did she do? How funny could this be? How real? How surprisingly moving? How poignant? Go!

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