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Falling Stars

December 14, 2012

I have two special skills few people know about but I’ll tell you. I’m a 4 -leaf clover-finding savant.  I swear my SAT scores didn’t break 1000, but I can find 4-leaf clovers just walking down the street and this is not a skill to be dismissed as “luck.” Indeed, only one in 10,000 3-leaf clovers have 4 leaves, yet I can just be standing there waiting for the dog to figure out there is no way to drag a cat out from under a parked car… no matter how much you want to… “play” with it …and there it will be; a perfect 4–leaf clover embedded in 10,000, 20,000 regular ones.

Last night a meteor shower had been predicted in the local newspaper. It was clear and cold and moonless—a perfect night for stars to fall. This is my other special talent. I seem to be able to spot falling stars no matter how brief, how unpredictable, how much ambient light there is obscuring their beauty. But I’d been at a party, I was tired and after a brief search standing in the yard, I gave it up.

But as I got in bed, I started thinking about a problem I’m having—a relationship that is injured and for which I can’t see any hope.  I mean it would take a miracle—it would take a whole series of impossible things coming right and falling into place for this to be whole and right again.

But I thought, nothing is actually impossible, and we tend to find what we expect to see. So I turned out the bedroom lights, pulled up the window shade and climbed into bed. I lay there thinking about the person I love, looking out at the impossibly small section of night visible from the bed and not further obscured by the holly tree. I knew I wasn’t facing in the direction of the constellation from which the meteors were to come but I thought it again…nothing is impossible if you just look for it— and the most beautiful star blazed right through that open space of sky.

Write a page or two about your, or a character’s, special talent. Write about the power of anticipation, or of finding something unexpected. Have you ever found something wonderful? Make it something undeserved as well and see what happens. 





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