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Perception is Everything

October 12, 2012

This is a test. This is only a test. I want to see if my friend and neighbor down the street reads my blog. If she does, I’ll hear about this.

“Mary” recently bought a thoroughbred “horse.” I have a “horse” too. Mine is not a thoroughbred. I got mine from the “horse” pound. I have not met Mary’s horse yet because he hasn’t had all his shots. Mary is afraid I will communicate human cooties to her horse. I want to point out that my horse eats out of the garbage can and hers probably will too, but I don’t. She mentioned I might need to take off my shoes before greeting her horse. Mary’s horse doesn’t shed unlike my horse, but then Mary’s horse poops on Mary’s rug, unlike my horse who is older and wiser.

Write a page about someone who gets something new: a pet, a car, a job, a hairstyle, a piece of jewelry, a girlfriend—and is completely unrealistic about its uniqueness and value. Just a scene. See if it turns into a character study or maybe a short story. A woman who thinks her customized ring with its gigantic turquoise and black pearl surround, is exquisite. How do you know? Does she wave it around? Only pick things up with that hand? Drop it a lot? Or how about a man who buys a hot sports car but when friends get close they see it has a leopard and red leather interior and sports a large deodorizer. Let your story be funny, be specific, SHOW whether or not the new acquisition is atrocious by people’s reactions alone. Show what happens in the proud new owner when he doesn’t find what he was seeking. Is he hurt? Angry? Embarrassed? Is he ultimately transformed?


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  1. I hope you do a followup to let us know if your neighbor reads your blog haha.

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