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This I Believe

August 24, 2012

Several years ago National Public Radio ran a series titled, “This I Believe.” Listeners submitted 500- word essays about something they passionately believed to be true. The subjects were as varied as “I believe in ghosts” to “I believe in democracy.” The only criteria was that somewhere embedded in the essay, the words “I believe” had to appear. Some submissions were intensely personal, “I believe in keeping a secret;” others less so, “I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Writing about something you feel intensely about is a good way to find your voice. When we are on fire with conviction, it just pours out from the heart. But how about this? Write about something you USED to believe. Explore the tension between your old conviction and your new stance. What happened? Is the loss of the old belief (I can do anything if I try hard enough?) liberating or poignant? Two pages. Write for 20 minutes. What did you used to believe? Go.

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