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The Doctor Is In

August 17, 2012

In my role as a non-professional and completely untrained therapist I give a lot of therapeutic advice. Go figure. I’m the daughter of a therapist, the sister of a therapist, a close friend is a therapist and I’ve had a lot of therapy. I also watched the entire HBO series “In Treatment” starring Gabriel Byrne so I think we can pretty much agree on my qualifications. They are similar to saying that because I’ve seen the ads for Hair Cuttery, you should let me trim your bangs.

Write about someone who realizes the professional he is paying for help or advice is completely unqualified–maybe a doctor who never graduated from med school and only watched a lot of “ER,” or a nutcase hair stylist who won’t let you look in the mirror while she cuts away, or who talks to someone who isn’t there. Are there clues in the setting? In the person’s body language? Attire? Has this ever actually happened to you? Go deeper–does this person know he is conning people or does he truly believe he’s gifted? Make it hilarious, make it scary, make it sad. Ultimately, make it transformative. One page for starters–set it up. Go.

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