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Saves! #Writing Prompt

July 14, 2012

My parents were frugal. We had rules. Bath water could only be as deep as your pinkie finger (saves!) although we had our own well, so now that I’m an adult I wonder if this was about saving money or time. My mother saved all kinds of stuff: string, wrapping paper, bacon grease, used tin foil, hand-me-down clothes, frozen tv dinner trays, cool whip containers. We made our own Halloween costumes and birthday cakes, washed our own car, mowed our own lawn, cleaned our own house. We borrowed books from the library, we didn’t buy them, and my mother cut our hair.

Write about someone frugal with something. Money? Time? Patience? Words? Love? What do they cling to and why? What happened? Where does the fear of scarcity come from and how does that legacy show up now?


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