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How Will You Speak Without Words?

June 29, 2012

I’m studying a book on increasing my intuition and soon I’ll be able to read your mind.

Will to. (See?)

The book is full of exercises you can do to improve your mental telepathy capabilities so tonight I’m trying them out on my husband. He’s deep into his balsamic-glazed salmon but I stare at him sending him a message with just my mind: He’s not getting it. He’s chewing. He’s not looking up. I concentrate harder. Narrow my eyes. I’m ablaze with information. I’m probably smoking—I’m sending out sparks.

He finally looks up and sees my face. He stares back. “What? “ he says. “Something wrong with my hair?”

Write about someone trying to communicate without words. What do they do? Is it good news? Devastating? Are they trying to convey something across a room? Across the country? Across time? Across emotional distance? Try just a scene. Use sensory detail. Feel into it.


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