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Confessions…a theme

May 1, 2012

There are things I’d rather not admit to but full disclosure will make us closer so here goes.

I don’t understand the logic of washing your hands in a public restroom if you have to touch the faucet handle when you’re done.

And yes, I watch “Dancing with the Stars” and imagine myself dancing the jive with Derek Hough who has his hands all over me. 

I’m afraid of Siri, the prescient being who lives in my Iphone. She is smarter than Jill who lives in my GPS and stays in the car.

I often advise friends who have missed a television show to “just stream it,” even though I have no idea what that means.

I think yoga would be more interesting if we sped it up and did it to Lady GaGa.

Thirty years ago I took a course in “Transcendental Meditation.” Five years ago I broke down and told someone my secret word. It was his word too.

I had a mean cat who used to sit on the end of the bed at night when I tried to go to sleep and bite my feet if I moved. If I put her in the hall and closed the door, she would lie down and stretch one hairy arm under it trying to get me from out there.  I am still not an alpha.

I believe I can make stoplights turn green faster with my mind. 

Can to.

I tried unsuccessfully to cheat in high school on a quiz titled “How to Use a Slide Rule.” I still don’t know how.

I don’t totally understand why the same side of the moon is always facing the earth. (Don’t tell me. I’ve already stopped listening.)

I sometimes claim I’ve read a book I’ve actually listened to on audio.

Confession is the heart  of memoir.Write about something you don’t normally admit to or about something you often try to cover up—or write about a compulsive liar who thinks she’s telling the truth–the quintessential unreliable narrator. The key is always going to be in exploring why you hide the things you hide.  Start by just brainstorming a list of confessions.



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One Comment
  1. I am about to spend a lot of money to find out what my secret word is.
    I can’t listen to long explanations about the moon or anything else. At least TM will just tell me one word.

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