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April 13, 2012


Behind a closed bedroom door I was wrapping birthday gifts for my daughter Audra. She was turning ten. Her sister Emily was only two and watching me work put her in the spirit of giving as well. With no ability to buy gifts on her own, she ran around the house finding small items to offer her older sister, mimicking my efforts to package each present by crumpling them inside notebook paper she had found. At the family party that evening, Audra thanked her sister for the gift of her own (missing) hairbrush, the pencil without a point, the (missing) keys to the family car—all lovingly wrapped and added to the pile of birthday presents.

Wow, like thanks for the …uh, spoon,” Audra said to the delighted Emily, and we collectively stared in dismay at the growing heap of broken, useless and discarded junk, lovingly deposited.  Inspired by her success, Emily nodded and raced wordlessly from the room to find more, the point being we are generous by nature.

Every day you wrap in words what intrigues you; you piece together something new from what has been broken, overlooked or discarded and place it in front of someone you care about.

Write about it.




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