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#Writing Momentum

March 30, 2012

My 91–year-old mother has scored another pair of sunglasses.She lives in an assisted living facility and these are the second pair of glasses to show up this week.  “Where’d you get those aviators, Mom?” I ask. I can’t see her eyes behind the frames of what are clearly a man’s pair of shades as she bears down on me with her walker.  “These?” she says breezily, “I just found them.” 

I’m here to take her to lunch so she continues rolling toward me with the walker. Once, when I was about 10, she was bearing down on an intersection near the mall in our Chevy Nova when an elderly man in a Thunderbird approached from a side street. He had a stop sign but did not even slow down. Mom had the right of way.  Technically, it was her right not to stop.

Seconds before impact I had the awed thought of an observer–as if it were not me in the front seat without a seat belt. “This isn’t going to be a near miss.”

The crash was impressive to a 10 year old.

 I step quickly to the side as the walker rolls by.   

Write about a time you or a character were along for the ride. Write about unstoppable momentum; a wave, a current, an undertow, loss and love. Write about a moment of impact in your life or a character’s life. Who or what was in control? Were you in a better place when you came to a stop? It’s possible. Remember that you don’t have to know the answer to any of those questions to begin the journey. Just get on the page.


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