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Who Would Do This?

March 7, 2012

Who would do this? My mother asks in a way that is a clearly a statement of disapproval and not a question. The statement is that my daughter Emily is nuts to be riding a bike across America.  No group, no support vehicle. No book to write or notes to take. Just Emily and her boyfriend Tony, riding about 100 miles a day from San Fran to D.C. (How awesome is that?)

They have already ridden over two thousand miles—they’ve crossed two major mountain ranges—the Sierra Nevadas and the Rockies, the dry red canyons of Utah, the beauty of Colorado the flatlands of Kansas  and the rolling hills of Missouri, through the tip of Illinois and into Kentucky.  At night they camp wherever they can in the tent they carry with them. They’ve combated rain, cold, heat, hail, snow and thunderstorms that send Midwesterners to tornado shelters. They combated flying bugs the size of Snickers bars, wet sleeping bags and public bathrooms.

Write about a time you or a character were compelled to do something no one else could understand. What were you looking for? What did you find? Go.

Improve it: Go back through your piece when you are finished and pull out all your adjectives. Put back only the ones you miss.


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