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Connections in Writing TweetChat

February 14, 2012

I had the opportunity to answer writing questions via a live TweetChat today. I talked with other Twitter followers about this week’s contest theme – connections in writing. If you missed the Q&A and are still looking for some inspiration for this week’s contest prompt, check out the TweetChat summary below.


@WilksComm: Great! We’ll be talking all about connections. Q1: What are connections in writing?

@StoryWithin: Connections in writing are places where a story’s emotional subtext is exposed; the subject beneath the plot.

@WilksComm: Can you give a few general examples of connections in writing?

@StoryWithin: Ex. connection is recognizing a story about an ant farm is really a story about the complexity of marriage.

@WilksComm: Interesting! So, why is making connections in writing important to the story?

@StoryWithin: Connections make what happens in a story what matters. Connections are recognizing the true subject of a story.

@GW_BOB: How can writers recognize the connections in their work?

@StoryWithin: Read your work aloud listening for metaphor. The ear can hear a connection to which the eye is blind.

@WilksComm: You say it’s important to make what happened what matters. Do you have any tips to do this?

@StoryWithin: Find connections between plot and subject at places of vulnerability, change, growth or insight.

@GW_BOB: Why is reading your work aloud important?

@StoryWithin: Reading work aloud initiates a right brain response making deeper meanings more accessible.

@GW_BOB: Thanks!

@WilksComm: We have time for one more question. How does making connections help the writer and the reader?

@StoryWithin: Connections are always a discovery made in the writing itself; to find one is to have had an actual insight. The reader witnesses a genuinely new discovery. To coin Frost, “Tears in the writer, tears in the reader.”

@WilksComm: Thanks to all who joined us for the #TweetChat with @StoryWithin! Check out her writing contest at


I’ll be participating in another TweetChat on Monday, February 27 at 2 pm EST. Join us on Twitter by using the hashtag #WritingRight.


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